5 Ways To Find Profitable Niche Business Ideas For Your Website

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Whew! If you just read my post how to create your website and start your affiliate marketing training through the Wealthy Affiliate’s Starter trial, you may be wondering – how do I come up with niche business ideas for your website? How do you find a topic, or niche, that will make your website profitable?

First Of All, Why Do You Need Niche Business Ideas For Your Website?

Since you landed on this page, you are obviously interested in having a profitable online business. One of your first steps should be finding profitable business ideas to specialize in!

Technically, a “niche” is a specialized subset of a topic that has a competitive advantage against companies that market a broad subject. Put simply, a niche is a group of people that are interested in something specific.

By specializing in a niche, you can target specific products or services that your audience searches for. Your website will become an “authority” website because of your specialized content and, therefore, ranks higher in the search engines.

Step 1: Use Wealthy Affiliate’s Training To Find Your Niche

Have you already signed up for a Wealthy Affiliate Starter trial? With the Starter trial, you have access to the training that is exclusive to Wealthy Affiliate members! Here’s an example: How To Pick A Niche That Leads To Success!

Training at Wealthy Affiliate takes you step-by-step through exercises to start, grow and sustain your website. A big focus of the training is setting up businesses for success from the start. One part of early success is choosing a profitable niche. Here’s an example video – Choosing Your Direction, It Starts With A Niche:

Step 2: Pick Something You Love To Promote

A huge part of how to develop a profitable business is making sure you love what you do. Why? If you promote something you are passionate about, you will be able to put more of your personality into it. Your content will come through as genuine and you will earn the trust of your customers.

A business in affiliate marketing totally depends on earning the trust of your customers. Customers won’t click your links and make purchases based on your reviews you haven’t earned their trust.

One thing the most successful blogs and online businesses owners all have in common is passion and genuine love for what they promote. Think about your hobbies and interests. What products and/or services could you feature on your blog or website that you are passionate about?

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Step 3: Join Affiliate Networks For Website Monetization Ideas

The companies that produce many of the products and services we use have promotion programs for affiliates. One of the easiest ways to find affiliate programs is through affiliate networks.

Affiliate networks are organizations that act as the organizer for companies that wish to attract marketers for their products or services. The affiliate network provides the affiliate links and payment options for the affiliate, enabling them to effectively monetize their website and promote the company’s product or service.

There are several affiliate networks that accept new affiliate marketers. I like the Share-A-Sale platform. After you create an account, you can browse through the thousands of companies that offer affiliate programs. There are merchants to promote in categories such as accessories and fashion to business and marketing to travel and everything in between!

When you are searching for profitable niche ideas for your site, use a platform like Share-A-Sale to find thousands of opportunities and ideas. You can get a feel for how profitable promoting merchants in a niche by checking out affiliate program commission details on Share-A-Sale.

Once you find a merchant you are interested in promoting, you apply on the Share-A-Sale website to become an affiliate. Some companies offer instant approval while others approve applications manually. After you are approved, you can get your affiliate links for the merchant all within Share-A-Sale. Click to check out Share-A-Sale:

Step 4: Join Amazon’s Affiliate Program

Amazon has a very popular affiliate program where you can promote any of the hundreds of thousands of products available on the giant merchant’s website! Once you’re confirmed as an affiliate through their Amazon Associates program, you can literally create an affiliate link for almost any product on their site.

I suggest using the platform and all the categories as a method to finding ideas for a profitable niche. You are likely to get some great ideas for targeted niche websites through Amazon!

Step 5: Check Out What Your Competition Is Promoting

Do you have an idea for a niche, but aren’t sure if it will be profitable? Use Google or your search engine to see what your competition is doing!

Google the keyword, or phase, that you are interested in promoting. What do the results tell you? Are the top results advertisements?

See the results below of my search “marketing ideas for online business”. The first thing I notice is that the top 4 results are ads (meaning the owners of those blogs paid for their content to appear at the top of the results).

It will be difficult to rank high with this niche as others are paying for their search results. The niche is too broad. If you make your niche more specific, you will reach a more targeted audience. For example, “social marketing ideas for online business” is more unique and will likely rank higher and attract customers without expensive advertising.

Like These Tips? Want More?

I’ve found this quick video that gives a good overview of why it’s so important to define your niche market:

I’ve learned everything I know from Wealthy Affiliate! The training is very comprehensive and gave me a solid background that has enabled me to launch a successful website.

In order to have a sustainable, innovative online business, you have to start with a profitable niche and educate yourself on how to properly monetize your blog. See more details about how to start with my post about the Wealthy Affiliate Starter Trial. Also check out my Honest Review of Wealthy Affiliate.

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4 thoughts on “5 Ways To Find Profitable Niche Business Ideas For Your Website”

  1. In the world of online marketing, being specific as much as possible is the secret. The more direct you are with your target the clearer your vision of where you can find your potential clients. I will also want to quickly say in addition to your fifth point of checking out your competitors and what they do, one might need to learn how to use Google keyword planner also. It’s a very powerful tool for doing keyword researches. 

  2. Awesome post. You have wonderfully presented the five ways to find the profitable niche ideas. Finding a niche is a most daunting task for a beginner. Some of them changing niche after niche, just to find the most profitable one. You have presented a great definition of a niche, when you say it’s a group of people needing help and support… It’s so true. 

    After reading this article I believe that the niche related doubts of a beginner will get solved. I’ll share this post with some of the people I know, they are stuck in niche related stuff! I like your 5th way the most, it is very essential indeed. 

    Thanks a lot for sharing these useful tips. 

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