A Passive Income Opportunity: Wealthy Affiliate Program Review

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Once upon a time, a girl was searching the internet hoping to find a way to make money. It didn’t have to be easy, it didn’t have to be fast, it just had to work! This post will share my experience with Wealthy Affiliate (also check out my full review of Wealthy Affiliate). 

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What Is Passive Income and What Is So Special About It?

It’s income. It’s passive. What’s not to love?! Passive income is money that you are paid even when you aren’t actively working, like income from rental property, or royalties from an invention. It can be a steady stream of regular income that you can count on.

What Is Affiliate Marketing and Why Should I Care?

Good question. The world of affiliate marketing can appear complicated and overwhelming. Check out my post that defines affiliate marketing as earning the rewards a business offers when an affiliate provides marketing for the business resulting in customers or sales. That doesn’t sound TOO hard…. but how do you start? How do you make money?

Does Wealthy Affiliate Work? 

If you’re searching for information on how to earn passive income, read on! I’ve assembled pros versus cons of Wealthy Affiliate. (Also check out my full review of the Wealthy Affiliate platform here).


  • Fun, easy to understand website
  • Create a free account with no credit card required
  • Receive free training (with video and tools) to get started
  • The free membership level is very comprehensive
  • Large social network of supportive affiliate marketers
  • Two free websites to get started
  • SEO performance tools, training and research platform
  • Successful company that has been around since 2005!


  • Still looking for some cons….

Wealthy Affiliate’s Premium Membership Is Very Tempting….

Even the Premium membership starts out at only $19/month (special promotion, $49/month after the first month) and offers seemingly endless training videos, access to live events and around-the-clock support.  Check out all you get from the membership options below:

BONUS Opportunity!

I love Wealthy Affiliate so much and I know you will too! Click on the link and set up your starter account – it’s completely free!


Here’s the extra bonus:

Once you sign up, I will be notified and I will reach out to you very soon. If you love it and decide you want to learn more through the Premium Membership – you can with a huge discount in the first month! But you will only have 7 days to get that discount. I know you will be very interested – I certainly was!! 🙂 Click here and check them out for yourself – you won’t be sorry!  

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Wishing You Much Success,


Sustainable Affiliate Strategies

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8 thoughts on “A Passive Income Opportunity: Wealthy Affiliate Program Review”

  1. Okay, so along with making money from the website you are learning to build on this Wealthy Affiliate you can also make even more money from selling Wealthy Affiliate to others?! I see why the second thing you mentioned is passive income. The whole process sounds great if done right and you keep the right mindset in doing things, will definitely have to check this out further. Thank you so much for your review of Wealthy Affiliate!

    • Jason, thanks for your comment. Yes!!! With WA you can learn how to set up your business AND make passive income as users learn about Wealthy Affiliate from your website- it’s a win-win!!! Good luck with WA!!

  2. WA is definitely worth it! I’ve just tried it and it is just amazing! All the training, hosting and community help is worth more than 50 bucks a month. What I like the most about it is the fact that it doesn’t show you fancy stuff like other scammy websites (fancy cars, a large house, private jets or other rich fantasies). It just tells that you can create a sustainable long-term business if you put in enough time and effort and you are OK with learning new things!

  3. I like that you can join for free to try it out first. I’ve come across a lot of affiliate marketing programs that required a payment upfront and I’m talking $200-300…. Because there are a lot of scams targeting people like us, I do appreciate that WA is considerate enough to offer us the free trial option. That will at least let us see with our own eyes whether it’s worth it or not. Thanks for sharing your review. I think I will give the free trial a try 🙂

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