Best Affiliate Marketing Tools For Your Online Business!

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I use a bunch of tools for This series of posts will provide reviews of the best affiliate marketing tools available for your online business too! You’re probably aware how useful reviews are, right? You can find detailed information about how products and services work before you invest your time or money into them.

Here’s My Goal With Reviews Of The Best Affiliate Marketing Tools

I’m excited to share all my research and results with the various affiliate marketing tools I use for! My goal at Sustainable Affiliate is to provide more than enough information to inform and entertain – because who wants to keep reading a boring review?!?

Over the next several posts, I’ll be sharing what I know about these tools (I’ll link to each one as I create it, of course!):

  1. Wealthy Affiliate – Learn how to do this affiliate marketing thing (my #1 resource!)
  2. Jaaxy – Amazing tool to find the keywords that will convert!
  3. Canva – My favorite tool to create images – and it’s free!
  4. GeneratePress – My favorite WordPress theme.
  5. Share-A-Sale – Join a network of affiliate programs – all in one!
  6. Tailwind for Pinterest – fun scheduling tool and community
  7. Tailwind for Instagram
  8. Pretty Links – Shorten your URLs and track the clicks!
  9. LadyBoss Studio – Tools to help you create beautiful images and graphics for your blog
  10. Thinkific – Create online training programs

Can These Tools Help You Make Your Business Sustainable?

So can these tools help you make your online business sustainable? Yes, and I’m going to prove it to you with examples for how each tool can provide:

  1. Financial Sustainability (i.e. passive income…. The best kind!)
  2. Innovative Ideas (high-tech, awesome stuff that will keep your business relevant)
  3. Personal Sustainability (Allow YOU to keep your business going strong!)

Wealthy Affiliate

What You Can Expect From My Reviews

I only review products and services that I have personally used. You deserve to know that when you are reading a review, you are reading a fact-based testimonial about the product or service.

I also aim for consistency with my reviews. I want you to be able to expect that you get the information you need when you read my reviews. The following sections are what I aim to discuss in each review:

  • Product/service specs (website, date founded, founder)
  • How the product or service will benefit your online business
  • What is the cost or pricing structure
  • How it will help your business be innovative
  • Ways it will save you time or effort
  • Pros and Cons of the product or service
  • My overall rating out of 10 stars

All The Reviews!

As I find awesome tools, I will review them and add them to my list above. Are there any other tools that I should test, use and review? Comment below and let me know what you think! More to come!


wealthy affiliate

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