Lady Boss Studio Review – All You Need When Branding A Blog!

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Do you have a business as an online entrepreneur? If not yet, are you interested in starting a monetized blog? If you answered yes to these questions you need to know all about branding a blog!  When you are  getting traffic and email subscribers, your audience is starting to trust you! This is how you create your business – congratulations!

Your audience will recognize you through your brand. But…. creating a brand takes time, especially if you are a newbie to design. Your time is valuable and you need to be spending it creating your business and following training advice, like from Wealthy Affiliate.

I have some good news – I’ve found an awesome resource with Lady Boss Studios (several of the graphics in this post are their designs)!  This is my review of Lady Boss Studio – all you need when branding a blog!!

Criteria For My Review:

Sustainable Affiliate reviews are designed to provide you with the insight needed to evaluate if services, such as the Lady Boss Studio program, will help make your online business sustainable for the long run. My review of Lady Boss Studio will be scored on these criteria (for more information on what defines a sustainable business, check out this post):

  1. Secure Financial Sustainability
  2. Provide Innovative Ideas
  3. Offer Personal Sustainability

Note: this post contains affiliate links (just basically means that if you buy something I recommend, I may earn a small commission – thank you!).  Please read my affiliate disclosure for more information.

Lady Boss Studio – Sustainable Resource For Your Business?

Product/Service Name: Lady Boss Studio

Website: Lady Boss Studio

Owned By: Tasha (pretty lady in the photo)


What is Lady Boss Studio?

Lady Boss Studio is a one-stop-shop for everything you need when you are branding your blog. Typical online businesses need graphics to promote their brand, such as:

  • Social media graphics
  • Business cards
  • Brand logos
  • Opt-in freebies for subscribers
  • Email newsletter templates, and more.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get templates so that you can create all of these graphics to promote your brand? That is what Lady Boss Studio can do for your business! Check out this video introduction to a popular Canva template branding kit that Lady Boss Studio offers (more about Canva below):

Find out more about the Canva Crush program. This is just one of the tools and training programs on the Lady Boss Studio website. This course is $97 and includes lifetime access to the training, material and even future updates to the program!

Lady Boss Studio also includes interactive worksheets and cheatsheets. You also get bonus tutorials to learn how to create your own templates, webpages and more!

How Do You Use Canva?

Lady Boss Studio’s templates are compatible with Canva. Canva is an online program for creating any type of graphic you can imagine, and it’s free! See more about Canva’s features and sign up for your free account.


The tutorials included with Lady Boss Studio take you step-by-step through how to use Canva for your business.

If you want to grab some templates for Canva, Lady Boss Studio also has a shop where you can find exactly what you need and get started. Check out this page for all the beautiful designs.

canva freebie opt in

For example, this Opt – In Freebie Template for $27 (shown here) includes:
  • 18 Letter Size Templates
  • 4 Title Page Templates
  • 3 Worksheet Templates
  • 4 Checklist Templates
  • 3 Planner Page Templates
  • 1 About Page, 1 Intro Page, 1 Table of Contents and 1 Notes Page
  • 1 Blog Post Opt-in Template
  • 1 Sidebar Opt-in Template

The template is fully customizable with Canva and includes everything you need to make your own workbooks, eBooks, checklists, planners, worksheets, printables, magazines, and more!

Is Lady Boss Studio Financially Sustainable?

Lady Boss Studio receives 10 stars because with the assistance of templates and designs from Lady Body Studio, a career in affiliate marketing is  financially sustainable. Read more about why I believe affiliate marketing is financially sustainable in this post.

Use tools and templates that are already available to secure the financial future of your business. It is well worth the money spent on these templates so you can use that time building your blog and content. Plus you’ll start out with a professionally designed website that will convert your traffic into customers!

Sustainable Innovation

Lady Boss Studio can help make your business even more innovative. Companies are relying on this affiliate marketers to promote their products and services in innovative posts and through social media.

The templates and tools you get from Lady Boss Studio put you ahead of the curve. You also get updated material and information as it becomes available. This will keep your business using the most innovative technology available.

Personally Sustainable

For your online business to succeed, you need time to build it. That’s where Lady Boss Studio comes in! You can sustain you work balance by using templates and tools instead of spending so much time creating them your self. The result will be a beautiful, professionally-designed blog that you will love!

Thank you for reading my review of Lady Boss Studio. I truly believe in supporting online entrepreneurs and encourage you research further to see if the designs and templates offered at Lady Boss Studio could enhance your online business!

wealthy affiliate

Wishing You Much Success,


Sustainable Affiliate Strategies

Lady Boss Studio


Potential To Generate Income




Personally Sustainable







  • Easy To Use
  • Beautiful Designs
  • Freebies To Try
  • Professional Designed Templates
  • Lifetime Access To Paid Training

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4 thoughts on “Lady Boss Studio Review – All You Need When Branding A Blog!”

  1. Thanks for this awesome review. Seeing as I’m someone who has no artistic capability, her templates could come in real handy for me.

    Also I’ve used canva before and absolutely love it, so I’m glad to see this works well with that platform.

    How long have you been using lady boss studio, also I might have kissed it but how much does it cost as well?

  2. Hi Tama,

    Thank you for sharing this lovely review on Lady Boss Studio I had no idea something like this exists.

    I know about Canva but also, to be honest, I was sometimes a bit overwhelmed on how to use it properly.

    I like the video and I am intrigued to tale this course Canva Crush and I like the fact that I will have lifetime access to the training they provide, this is a big plus for me. The price also is resonable.

    Thank you so much for all the information and I have saved your site for further reference.


    • Hi Sylvia, I love Canva and use it everyday! I absolutely recommend the Canva Crush course for you. It will change your business! Good luck to you!

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