Sustainable Affiliate’s Honest Review of Wealthy Affiliate

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I love to write reviews of great products when I find them. The internet is full of opportunities and promises. How are you supposed to know what will work for you and what is a scam? It is difficult to weed through all the information and figure it out for yourself. A great way to do research is through reviews and personal testimonies. That is why I’m happy to present my honest review of Wealthy Affiliate!

Sustainable Affiliate reviews are designed to provide you with the insight needed to evaluate if services, such as the Wealthy Affiliate program, will help make your online entrepreneur efforts sustainable. My honest review of Wealthy Affiliate will be scored on these three criteria (for more information on what defines a sustainable business, check out this post about how to win with a sustainable strategy):

  1. Secure Financial Sustainability
  2. Provide Innovative Ideas
  3. Offer Personal Sustainability

Wealthy Affiliate Program – Is It A Sustainable Resource?  

Yes! Any entrepreneur looking for a way to make a sustainable living online should consider Wealthy Affiliate. The Wealthy Affiliate program is a complete solution to sustainable affiliate marketing. It includes common sense training from experts and from community members that can create their own training! Each training class includes videos and step-by-step tasks to check off as completed. As a member, you receive access to website building tools, keyword search tools, a huge community of helpful affiliate marketing experts, live training events, and much more!

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is a comprehensive training and website platform that will provide value whether you are a newbie to online marketing or an experienced affiliate. Why? Because the system provides common sense training lessons on everything from finding a marketing niche to learning how to earn money from strategic advertising.

I give Wealthy Affiliate a rating of 9.8 out of 10 (see detailed ratings at the end of this post) because of the complete value it provides to any online entrepreneur. Before I found Wealthy Affiliate, I was flailing about, googling and trying to figure out where to start with affiliate marketing. Check out this comparison chart that shows the differences between struggling to research and train yourself to be an affiliate marketer versus what you can get with Wealthy Affiliate. You’ll quickly notice all of the features available at WA! 



Here is a quick overview video of all the features you can access with your free starter membership of Wealthy Affiliate. Be sure to watch until the end – I love the promise from Wealthy Affiliate!: 

Financially Sustainable

I give Wealthy Affiliate a rating of 9.8 out of 10 for financial sustainability. My reason for the high rating is that with Wealthy Affiliate training, anyone can start and grow a career in affiliate marketing! The concept of affiliate marketing itself provides a financially sustainable opportunity. Read more about why I believe affiliate marketing is financially sustainable in this post

As you can see in my complete rating breakdown at the bottom of this post, the lowest category rated was cost (9.5 out of 10). This is still an excellent rating! I rated the cost slightly lower than the other categories because the cost for a premium membership can be a bit high when you are just starting out with a new business.

Because the Wealthy Affiliate program is an investment for your business, it is great that you can test the system out for FREE! Preview the premium features free for seven days. See the chart below for all the options available with the free trial. During the free trial, if you decide Wealthy Affiliate will work for your business, you can sign up for a Premium membership for $19 for the first month. 

As you see above, the regular monthly cost for a Premium membership is $49. For additional savings, an annual membership is $359 (which is a savings over the monthly cost of $240!).

Wealthy Affiliate Cost

I Would Pay More!

I use the platform every day to continue my marketing education and to use the awesome tools to expand my website and business. Wealthy Affiliate continually adds new live training and premium content to make sure all users are kept up to date on changing technologies. There isn’t any platform out there that you can get this much information and training (without having to manually track it all down)!

Check out this video from WA’s Getting Started training. Take a look for yourself how informative the training is and how WA can help you have a financially sustainable career you will love!

Honest Review of Wealthy Affiliate

Sustainable Innovation

At its core, affiliate marketing is innovative. Companies are relying on this relatively new form of marketing to promote their products and services in innovative posts and through social media.

To take advantage of this innovative marketing business line, you need training and resources that are top of the line. Wealthy Affiliate has innovative tools and training that is continually updated to meet current trends and ideas. 

Just for an example, do you know how to optimize your website for SEO (search engine optimization)? There are tons of new innovative ways to accomplish this!  Check out this training lesson straight from the Wealthy Affiliate website for proof there are unlimited resources inside!

Wealthy Affiliate SEO


Personally Sustainable

Wealthy Affiliate is more than just a training platform. Even though the training is innovative and phenomenal, there is more to WA! Each member has a voice on Wealthy Affiliate through their community posts, questions and even personal training classes.

Honest Review of Wealthy Affiliate

Members become friends and support one another by connecting, liking/sharing each other’s content and via personal messaging all internal to Wealthy Affiliate. The Wealthy Affiliate internal blog feature is truly one of a kind. Members inspire and teach each other through their blogs – check out my very first blog post as a newbie here :).

The community inside Wealthy Affiliate is amazing. There are so many affiliate marketing experts live on the site that want to help others with their questions. Check out this inside look into the community programs at WA – very inspiring!

Other Wealthy Affiliate Reviews and Testimonials

I LOVE to read about how others are having success with their online business! There are many reviews and testimonials from normal people using Wealthy Affiliate and loving it. I’ve included a few below that really speak to the clarity and mentorship you can find inside Wealthy Affiliate. 

Wealthy Affiliate

WA Isn’t A Scam Or A Get-Rich-Quick Scheme

I get this question often, “how quickly can I earn a steady income from Wealthy Affiliate?”. The answer is WA is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It will take time to get your website full of content and noticed by the search engines. But if you work hard at it, you will be able to have a steady income from your blog!

I personally find it refreshing to have found something that will help me succeed for myself, rather than claiming success will happen overnight. I want to build a business that I can be proud of and that I can continue to grow. It’s exciting to work on something that is your own and that you know will offer financial security in the future. It does take a lot of work, but the tools and resources provided by Wealthy Affiliate make the work fun and exciting. Exciting because you will have the reassurance and confidence that you are on the path to building your own successful online business!

Final Opinion

Thank you for taking the time and checking out my honest review of Wealthy Affiliate. I’m so happy that I’ve found this resource and I’m eager to share the opportunity with everyone I can reach.

Give it a chance! Wealthy Affiliate will help you obtain a sustainable income stream. The system provides innovative resources to maintain your business. Finally, you will find sustainable personal resources, designed to help you promote and grow your business. 

Go ahead, click the link and sign up for the free membership level. Come back to this post and give us comments below about your experience. I can’t wait to hear from you! Note: this post contains affiliate links  Please read my affiliate disclosure for more information.

Honest Review of Wealthy Affiliate


wealthy affiliate

Wishing You Much Success,


Sustainable Affiliate Strategies

Wealthy Affiliate


Potential To Generate Income




Personally Sustainable







  • Tons of Education Tools
  • Free Websites
  • Free Trial
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Community of Members


  • Premium Membership costs but well worth it!

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26 thoughts on “Sustainable Affiliate’s Honest Review of Wealthy Affiliate”

  1. I always enjoy all of your writing and this one is no exception because your articles are very helpful and informativeI really love the way you outlined the reviews of wealthy affiliateI must say its an eye opener for meThis is the most extensive and comprehensive review I’ve read on Wealthy affiliate.  As a review I think you should not neglect to tell your readers about dedication and hardwork that is needed. Thanks for your indepth analysis

    • Thank you Ola! Good point. You’re correct that to grow a business with affiliate marketing you need to be dedicated to work on your blog daily. You also need to grow your expertise in the evolving field by continual educational through a proven expert system like Wealthy Affiliate!!

  2. Thanks for this review about Wealthy Affiliate. I have been on the site for a while and I love platforms all over. The ways you get help from others on the platform is really the best you can get anywhere. It’s like a one big family and friends all put together. I want to be a trainer on the site and am working my way towards that after my third premium membership. Thanks for this, really helpful. 

  3. Oh yes! I couldn’t agree any less with your five star rating, in fact Wealthy affiliate is nothing short of remarkable. As said in the article that; Wealthy Affiliate is a comprehensive platform that will provide value whether you are a newbie to online marketing or an experienced affiliate. Even as a newbie, I  have benefitted grossly from the value Providence that comes through being a member of wealthy affiliate.

  4. Wealthy Affiliate is a actually one of the few places on the internet than one can earn sustainable money. I’m new to the website and I love it there. I really have a good fortune reading this article. It was well-written and contained sound, practical points. In fact, I have really benefited from it.

  5. Wealthy affiliate is the best out there.

    I alaways say affiliate marketing as one huge mountain I can’t climb but for my surprise wealthy affiliate teaches everyone on the platform all that you need to build a great business.

    And they provide you with all the tools necessary and also if you have any issues their support is always there to fix it up immediately under minutes at times seconds. 

  6. Lovely post. short, precise and straight to point. I joined wealthy affiliate last week, and i can attest to it that it offers so much than i could ever think. You will be provided with tons of training and every one in the community has being really helpful. I’ve loved every bit of WA

  7. Hello Tama,I felt owning while reading your review as I am a proud member of Wealthy Affiliate. Though I am a beginner at Wealthy Affiliate, I am making god amount of money form here and loving it day by day. It is the best for both learning and practicing affiliate marketing. I started making money from 5th day of my joining. There are so many trainings and fields of works in WA. Everyone in Wealthy Affiliate are very helpful and one feel welcoming instantly just after joining there. It is more than a community, it is a family.

    Thanks for such a nice review. 🙂


  8. Nice and truly honest review. You clearly articulated your point with skilled writing. The truth is Wealthy Affiliate the best and most reliable affiliate marketing company you can see out there. WA is best way for newbie like me to earn money on it internet. They have every tools for everybody to be successful on their online business

  9. I have read a few reviews on different programs. I have been on the verge of trying other programs but they always end up wanting you to pay. I think that is why I started with W.A. because I did not have to pay. I am super happy about my decision and I hope more people will join.

    This is such a good review of the program and about affiliated marketing.

  10. Hello Tama,Thanks for your review of WA! I think you covered all my favorite features of Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy affilite has the best business model when it comes to the online world.The fact that you can try out wealthy affiliate free also shows there is no risk. It also shows they believe in their system to win people over. I was cautious when i first joined but now i wish i had joined earlier.All the best Tama

  11. Very honest review. I would also like to add a few things that I think makes Wealthy Affiliates the best Affiliate Marketing platform. Not only do they provide resources to help every kind of online affiliates interested person’s. They provide a lot of real life and timely support which isn’t easy to come about. If a member gets stuck somewhere, it is easy to just make a post asking for help or questions and in a jiffy there would be more than 3 experienced members who would quickly come to the aid of the person. This is very useful in that there is no need to be searching through google and having to sift Nswers and then doing guess work. There is always a willing member ready to walk you through and get you right back on track. Very very valuable advantage if you ask me. 

  12. Thanks for this review Tama, I agree with you, Wealthy Affiliate does make your entrepreneurial efforts sustainable. Wealthy Affiliate helps you discover your passion and guides you to build it into a business and make money from it. They will never leave you to be on your own, you get support and help with everything you ant help for. 

  13. Thanks for the review. A little addition to your ‘personally sustainable’ header. One thing I appreciated on this platform wealthy affiliates when I came in was that, I noticed that you can only see the number of persons following you. Its not even call ‘followers’, its called networks. This uplifted me because one problem people have in other social platforms is the feeling of less important because of their follower/following ratio.. Here its not a blockade and like you stated we become friends here

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