Affiliate Marketing Opportunity Defined!

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Imagine for a moment that you could actually find a job working at home that wasn’t a scam. I’ve spent a lot of time searching for the best work at home job that had the following three criteria:

1. Income

2. Growth Potential

3. Legitimate Opportunity

As I’m going to discuss below, there is a real opportunity and I’ll show how to make money online with affiliate marketing!

What about online surveys? Mystery shoppers? Medical billing?

Through my research, I’ve evaluated if numerous opportunities fit my three criteria. Let’s discuss three of these “opportunities”, shall we?

1. Online surveys – what could be easier than sitting in your pj’s, filling out mindless electronic surveys? It may be easy… and it does appear to be legitimate, but the income is very limited. You have to fill out a ton of surveys to make any appreciable money. And the worst part – you don’t get paid at all if the website determines you aren’t qualified after you’ve filled out the survey. Not cool. Fails Criteria 1 and 2.

2.Mystery Shoppers – I’ve seriously considered doing this, getting paid to shop sounds amazing! These companies are likely not legitimate. You make purchases at stores, then pay a fee to register to give your opinion of your experience. Do you get your money back for the purchase? Do you keep the items you bought? Why should you have to pay a fee to register? No thanks.  Fails Criteria 1, 2 and 3.

3. Medical Billing – this sounds impressive at first. Of course wealthy doctors need help getting billing done – they’re busy saving people! However, companies that offer this service require a hefty fee to go through their specialized training and to get their specialized software. Research I’ve done points to this not being a legitimate opportunity. Fails Criteria 3.

Is Affiliate Marketing legit?

Yes. There are legitimate ways to not get scammed in this competitive field. But, does affiliate marketing generate income? Is there potential for growth? Affiliate marketers use blogs and the internet to provide marketing for companies and services. That seems legit – after all companies NEED marketing and sales.

What about income and growth potential? Yes and yes! Once you establish yourself as a trusted provider of internet content, your information and links will appear on search engines rankings and customers will use your information to make buying decisions. That provides passive, stable income with unlimited growth potential!  Meets Criteria 1, 2 and 3!

Do I need training to get into Affiliate Marketing?

You can get started on your own, but finding a legit training program can get your company off the ground much quicker. Why? The field of affiliate marketing has been around for many years. Many individuals and companies have made their fortune and offer training to teach newbies the tricks of the trade. 

You may be thinking – I thought you shouldn’t have to pay anything to get started with a business? This is generally true. You don’t want to pay to play if you don’t have a good idea of what you are getting out of the deal. However, paying for training through a reputable company to advance your business is different.

Wealthy Affiliate is a Reputable Source of Training

Wealthy Affiliate has been helping people get their businesses on track since 2005. That was a very important reason I decided to give them a try. They are legitimate if they’ve stayed in business this long. I started my journey in affiliate marketing by trying out their free membership, which included free training and tools to get started. You can even start and design two websites – for free! If you want to check it more information about WA – here’s a link.

After you’ve explored their vast website and used all the free tools and training, they offer a Premium membership for even more! Premium starts out at only $19/month and offers access to a huge collection of training videos, access to live events and live support. All the tools and information needed to start and grow your online business. Meets Criteria 1, 2 and 3!

how to make money online with affiliate marketing

If you have any comments or questions about my experience with Wealthy Affiliate, please reach out or comment below. Note: this post contains affiliate links  Please read my affiliate disclosure for more information.

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Wishing You Much Success,


Sustainable Affiliate Strategies

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11 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Opportunity Defined!”

  1. Hi Admin! Great piece on affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is truly a way of making good income especially when you find the right program. Like you rightly said, doing online surveys is not sustainable as the pay is too low and the survey doesn’t come often. For one to succeed in Affiliate marketing, he really needs to undergo some training except people that are already acquainted with blogging and internet marketing before.Wealthy Affiliate is truly a  place to be if one wants to succeed in affiliate marketing.

    • Thank you for your kind reply! The vast amount of training is what makes me so excited about Wealthy Affiliate. It’s the best!!

  2. I personally know someone who’s a Wealthy Affiliate member who makes a full time income with an affiliate marketing website, but she didn’t get there overnight. In her first 2 years she didn’t even make any money cause she was doing it on her own and kept making the same mistakes without even knowing it. 

    It was in her 3rd year that she found Wealthy Affiliate and applied the training and then her business finally took off. Currently I’m doing the same thing and following Wealthy Affiliate’s training, I can attest to the fact that it really DOES cut your learning curve and help you succeed much quicker.

  3. Thanks for your explanation on affiliate marketing as an online business, just like you have rightly said it is real and has a high earning potential if done the right way. most time the challenge for many people is that they lack the technical know-how of how to set up a blog that will be used that will be used as the affiliate marketing sites, the thought is that it is too technical and requires a lot of skills to manage. This misconception is not however very correct cause with this program called wealthy affiliates one is taken through in the lesson and steps required have a successful website or blog.join in if interested in the affiliate marketing business, it is the best decision you can make. 100% legit.

    • Thank you! I agree – the world of affiliate marketing is broad and complex. Finding the source of training and support in Wealthy Affiliate makes it all easier to navigate!

  4. As a member of Wealthy Affiliate I really appreciate this article about affiliate marketing and Wealthy Affiliate.  The fact of the matter is by far there is no better platform anywhere on the internet if you want to learn to make money with affiliate marketing.if you are reading this article and are sitting on the fence then you need to get off the fence and get signed up to Wealthy Affiliate.  How can you go wrong since you can sign up for absolutely free and make any decisions later.Once again this was a great article.  Thank you.Dale

  5. I enjoyed reading your post and I have to agree with some of your points.

    I tried doing surveys when I first began looking for ways to make money online and quickly became disappointed.  What you say about them is true.  I got rejected for way more surveys than I was accepted to.  I still have one that I take the occasional survey on but the reality of it is that you ain’t gonna get rich by any stretch of the imagination.

    Affiliate Marketing, on the other hand, is totally legit and if one is willing to put in the hard work writing content and product reviews, they can definitely grow their Affiliate business, (over time), into a 7 figure business within a couple of years and live the life they have always wanted to live.  But I must emphasise that it will take work.

    Also, if someone is new to this kind of thing it would be prudent of them to seek out a training program that will teach them what they need to know and Wealthy Affiliate is, without a doubt THE best place to get that training and a whole lot more.

    I would encourage anyone interested in becoming an online entrepreneur to check out Wealthy Affiliate.  It’s free to start as you say and there is nothing to lose to have a look around.

    All the best to you,


    • Wayne, thank you so much for your comments! Anyone looking for a sustainable, long-term income source should feel confident that WA will help them build it!

  6. Great article indeed! I totally agree with you that affiliate marketing is the best legit way to make money online. I’ve been searching for a long time for legitimate ways to make money and I came to the following conclusions:
    1. cryptocurrencies aren’t trustworthy and fluctuate dramatically over time. Don’t Invest in them!
    2. Regular stocks require expertize in the market when you have Warren Buffet’s approach. You might have a chance to have solid returns of 7-10% a year from investing in Vanguard S&P 500. In this case, you can really make the money work for you.
    3. Trading or making speculations on the market is extremely risky. Iq Option is the most reliable tool as it has a CySEC license.
    4. Relying solely on videos posted on YouTube does require really hard work, as it is more competition than ever.
    5. Completing surveys hardly earns you any money.
    6. Using Phone apps for making money is not feasible. You need to play a bunch of games and waste your time watching videos for earning some points.
    Having these aspects in mind, it is better to create a sustainable business and then try real estate or investing in start-ups for growing your wealth and having passive income from rents.

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