What Is The Best Affiliate Marketing Training Course? (Earn While You Learn!)

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What is the best affiliate marketing training course? Look no further – I’ve found the answer! You can get started as an affiliate marketer on your own, but Wealthy Affiliate will help you create a sustainable career in affiliate marketing. Earn while you learn with WA!

Why Is Wealthy Affiliate The Best?

I have written quite a bit about how I found Wealthy Affiliate. I think my experience is like a lot of people’s – it is hard to know what you can trust on the internet!

You can quickly tell when you start a free starter trial at Wealthy Affiliate that it is real and not a scam. Here are a few ways you can tell that Wealthy Affiliate is the best way to earn while you learn:

  • First off, you aren’t asked to give a credit card number to gain access to the site. That told me that I wasn’t going to be charged for something until I was ready to invest.
  • You can remain a starter member indefinitely. You won’t have access to all the premium features, but you are welcome to stick around and get training and work on your two free websites.
  • There are millions of members inside Wealthy Affiliate. This large community is available to answer questions and share experiences.
  • Wealthy Affiliate has been a successful platform since it was formed in 2005. Over the last several years, the owners have invested heavily in improvements and enhancements to allow members to have access to the latest and greatest technology available.

Those are just few of the features that make Wealthy Affiliate stand out above any other affiliate marketing training platform. I will go into greater detail about the training courses below, but first, check out this video from the creator of Wealthy Affiliate. Kyle shows you around the website so it is easy to see how you can benefit from the platform:

Wealthy Affiliate Walkthrough

In the next few sections, I will go into detail about the training available at Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate


Online Entrepreneurship Certification

When you join as a starter member at Wealthy Affiliate, you have access to the first phase (10 lessons) of the Online Entrepreneurship Certification! There are 28 tasks to complete within the first phase, and each one is designed to get you started earning while you learn! Here is a summary of what you will learn:

  • How to set up your account profile at Wealthy Affiliate
  • Understand the process of earning money online
  • Set short and long term “make money” goals
  • Choose your niche for your online business
  • Name and build your very OWN website
  • Set-up your website to be geared for long-term success
  • Understand how to set-up plugins that maximize website efficiency
  • Optimize your website for search engines
  • Create your very first page of content on your website
  • Understand the process of keyword research
  • Find awesome, low competition keywords
  • Learn how to properly set-up your website navigation
  • Learn a ton of powerful insights that will help lead you to SUCCESS!

And that is just the first phase! The complete Online Entrepreneur Certification includes 5 phases with 50 lessons!

Online Entrepreneur Certification

Affiliate Bootcamp Training

The first phase of the Affiliate Bootcamp training is also available to starter members. This training is focused on the online business niche. There are 30 tasks in the first lesson, including:

  • Learn about the WA affiliate program opportunity
  • How to set and reach extraordinary affiliate goals
  • Learn how to build a website in 30 seconds!
  • Learn how you can meet WA owners in Las Vegas next year, all expenses paid!
  • Learn how to share content within wealthy affiliate and earn
  • Discover how to create thoughtful, insightful reviews
  • Find and create a successful “authority” website
  • Create a successful WA affiliate campaign

Affiliate Bootcamp

Here is an example video from the Bootcamp training. Kyle discusses the lucrative commission structure that WA offers affiliates. Check it out!

Wealthy Affiliate Walkthrough

It Doesn’t Get Better Than Live Training!

I think my absolute favorite feature of the learning platform at Wealthy Affiliate is the weekly live training events. Every Friday, you can count on getting the most up-to-date new training, because its LIVE! A dedicate live chat streams along with the training so members can discuss the training while they watch. At the end, the expert trainer answers questions live. The sessions are light and fun in addition to being a deep dive into a particular online business topic.

Recent live training sessions have covered:

  • Introduction to YouTube Marketing
  • Promoting Your YouTube Videos
  • Let’s SEO a Blog Post LIVE!
  • 2019 SEO Checklist
  • Finding Awesome Keyword Opportunities
  • Intro to Google Search Console
  • How To Track Conversions in Google Analytics
  • Establishing an Incredible Brand From Day 1
  • You get the idea!

Live Events
Learn and Share With A HUGE Community of Fellow Entrepreneurs!

I mentioned above that there are over a million members of Wealthy Affiliate. These fellow entrepreneurs are a community of affiliate marketers that share and collaborate on ideas together. There’s nothing else like it!

There is a live chat that constantly streams inside WA for members to ask questions and share ideas. Live chat provides instant access to peers and experts – at any time!

Each member also has their own personal blog within Wealthy Affiliate. This platform allows members to share experiences and ideas and get comments and opinions from other members. These blog posts add a whole additional layer to the training experience you can get at WA!

Wealthy Affiliate Blog
Do You Agree That Wealthy Affiliate Is The Best Training Source For Affiliate Marketers?

I’ve outlined just a few of the awesome training opportunities available through the Wealthy Affiliate platform. To sum it all up, here are my four favorite ways to get affiliate marketing training through WA:

  1. Online Entrepreneurship Certification program – complete certification program to learn everything you need to know through videos and step-by-step lessons.
  2. Affiliate Bootcamp program – learn how to create your online business promoting affiliate marketing.
  3. Live training sessions – join the live sessions every Friday to learn along with fellow members. Up-to-date subjects and live, fun chat and Q&A sessions!
  4. Peer blog posts and training – learn from other WA member’s experiences by following them and reading new blog posts every day.

What do you think? Check out my full review of Wealthy Affiliate and get your starter membership. Then comment below if you agree that WA offers the best training resources for affiliate marketers!

wealthy affiliate

Wishing You Much Success,


Sustainable Affiliate Strategies

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12 thoughts on “What Is The Best Affiliate Marketing Training Course? (Earn While You Learn!)”

  1. The training programs that you find within the Wealthy Affiliate platform are the best and seem to be well-organized and follow a logical progression from beginner level to advanced lessons that are easy to follow and are hands-on too. I mean that as you learn, you actually complete the tasks on your own websites.

    This helps reinforce the training but perhaps, more importantly, it gets you ready to start earning money from your work. How long it may take depends on a lot of factors, but the basic framework will be in place. As long as you follow the formula that has been tried and tested over the years, you will start making money little by little.

    My own experience has been smooth as I went through all the levels of the training 4 years ago. The training has been updated since that time, and the interface is even better (they are continually improving too) so I imagine that people today would have an even easier time.

    There is no training that will guarantee success because you have to apply what is taught. But it does help to have training that is accurate, is easy to implement, and is updated to keep up with changing market conditions. Wealthy Affiliate has all this. It is a rock solid platform to use.

    • Hi Dave, thanks so much for taking time to read my post and I really appreciate your insight. It means a lot to read about your experience with Wealthy Affiliate, especially since you’ve been with the program for at least 4 years!! 🙂 

  2. Coming from a fellow member of Wealthy Affiliate for over a year now I can say I completely agree that Wealthy Affiliate is the best affiliate marketing training online! I love how you explained the different courses available, an even got into the individual lessons within some of the courses. I’d also add that Wealthy Affiliate is much more than just affiliate marketing training, It’s web design & development training, hosting, WordPress training, basic Seo training, and much more! Wealthy Affiliate helped me start an build a profitable online business over the last year! Out of 100%, I’d give it 99.99%!

    • Thank you for your comments Nekko! I love to hear from others that have been with Wealthy Affiliate for awhile and still recommend it and speak so highly of their experiences. For anyone curious, check out my full review of Wealthy Affiliate to learn more about all the features you’ve mentioned!

  3. It’s been less than a month since I joined Wealthy Affiliate. I am currently in the level 4 of entrepreneur certification. The training is awesome and I feel that I’ve accomplished so much in such a small time. 

    One question though, what do you think of Affiliate boot camp? Since I am in a Internet marketing niche, I am thinking of taking this one once I complete the entrepreneur certification.

    • Hi, thanks for taking time to check out my post! Congrats on getting so far so fast with the online entrepreneur certification – you’re doing awesome! I highly recommend the Affiliate Bootcamp training for your internet marketing niche. I actually progressed through both of the training programs at the same time. I feel like it helped me put in practice all of the great ideas I was learning faster. A lot of the concepts are similar, but the bootcamp training goes into more detail about our specific niche. 

      Check out this video for more detail about the Bootcamp training https://sustainableaffiliate.com/bootcamp

      Wishing you the best success with your business!


  4. I agree that Wealthy Affiliate, is one of the best, on line marketing opportunities,that you can get involved with.with the training,videos,and help from the community.

    You don’t have to pay a large initial entrance fee,as you can join as a free member, and get two free websites to work on.plus there are many members, who are ready to help you, if you get into difficulties.

    You can also become a Premium member and write site comments,and after you have attained 50 comments, you start to earn a small fee for your work.

    The training is first class,and they teach you how to set up your website,learn how to find keywords on Jaaxy, to get the best traffic to your website,and choose your niche,(which is your favorite hobby,or sport),to concentrate on,with your website. 

  5. Hi Tama,

    Great to read another review on Wealthy Affiliate from another happy member of this awesome platform. You are right when you say a lot of the members at Wealthy Affiliate have been searching for a while for something real and not just another scam and I was one of them. I have been a member now for almost four years and I will probably become a life member.

    Like you, I love the training and it is constantly upgraded to keep up with the latest and ever-changing technology. The platform is also constantly evolving to keep up and help its members to succeed. Just when you think it can’t get any better, it does.

    The best part is being able to host all of my websites on the platform and not have to worry about cumbersome C-Panels and domain registrations anymore.

  6. Hi; I have read through your blog. I can say that you are singing my tune. Wealthy Affiliate is designed to help build Entrepreneurs through its training.

     I have been reading some success stories from several affiliate marketers who are members of the Wealthy Affiliate platform. These stories are exciting encouragement. 

    Would you agree that the failures that some people experience at WA come from some other source?


    • Hi Dorcas, thank you for reading and commenting on my post! The only “failures” I’ve seen at WA are when people give up. If they will just go through the training and build their business at the same time, they can’t fail! Wishing you luck with your business!

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