Win With A Sustainable Marketing Strategy

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What do I mean when I say I want a sustainable marketing strategy? My goal is to create a marketing strategy that is sustainable for the long-run. Marketing techniques that will grow with my business and with the changing world. A strategy that I can follow and count on.

Five sustainable marketing principles:

Five strategies to consider to achieve a sustainable marketing plan:

  1. Focus on the consumer
  2. Provide the consumer value
  3. Create innovative marketing
  4. Make the mission broad – to appeal to society
  5. Be socially responsible and profitable

Remember, we are looking to build a marketing strategy that is sustainable for many years to come. Note: this post contains affiliate links  Please read my affiliate disclosure for more information.

Socially responsible example of a sustainable market

Why would a marketing plan that focuses so much on being sustainable be profitable? The key is in the focus of the plan: social values. Consumers are looking for value. When the focus of a marketing effort is on the value given the consumer, it shows.

An example of a truly sustainable plan is found with the Wealthy Affiliate business program. This marketing platform allows for affiliate compensation for referrals, which offers sustainable income. But the truly remarkable part about WA’s program is the focus on the consumer.

Wealthy Affiliate is a large community of like-minded users that share their successes and ideas with each other. It’s remarkable how innovative the system is. I’m a relatively new member, but I’ve already learned so much through the comprehensive training program, but also from the caring, supportive members of the community. I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate – see my personal review here:

Why build a sustainable marketing niche?

A niche is a topic that you are familiar with, are passionate about, or interested in. It is important to have a specific niche, such as how to make passive income online, that you want to promote your business around.

Once you have your niche, evaluate if marketing the topic is sustainable. Will you readily be able to find new and innovate information about your niche? Will the topic appeal to a large population? Are there companies in the niche that would pay you to market for them?

If you’ve answered yes to these questions, it is likely that you’ve found a sustainable niche to market. This will mean you will have a reliable, passive income that you can count on.

What is your affiliate marketing strategy?

If you aren’t sure how to market your niche or you need help with an affiliate strategy, I suggest you investigate if Wealthy Affiliate could help you. I’ve written a review of the company from my vantage point as a user. Check out my review here.

The team at Wealthy Affiliate will coach you to learn more about how to develop a marketing strategy for your niche. You will learn strategies that you didn’t even know existed! You can go from barely knowing what affiliate marketing is to being ranked by Goggle and have a successful blog.

Benefits of a sustainable marketing strategy

Let’s look at several benefits of having a sustainable marketing strategy:

  • Financial sustainability:
    • In order for your marketing strategy to be sustainable, you must be able to afford to build it. There are many get-rich-fast scams that aren’t sustainable. You can also purchase advertising for your website, but this can be costly and eat up any revenue you create quickly.
    • Wealthy Affiliate teaches a sustainable marketing strategy through building a website with relevant content. This method may take a while to build, but through consistently working on your site, you will build financial sustainability.
  • Sustainable niche:
    • A marketing strategy cannot include an outdated niche or trend to be sustainable. For example, writing content about ways to style 80s hair might not get a lot of traffic, so that niche may not be sustainable (although it would be interesting if that trend made a come-back!).
    • high fiveLuckily, there are tons of niches that will always be popular. A few that come to mind that will be sustainable include: making money online, reviews of techie gadgets, anything pet-related, baby-related, and so on.
  • Personally sustainable:
    • Say you hate going to the gym and veggies and you love fast-food. When you are researching what should be your niche focus, you find loads of products to help people get in shape and eat healthy. While this is a great niche, it isn’t going to be personally sustainable for you because it doesn’t match your lifestyle.
    • Instead, be sure to focus your niche on a subject you love and are interested in. You will find that researching and writing content will be much easier and more sustainable than if you don’t care about the topic.

Sustainability for the Win!

Building an online business can be overwhelming. As continue on your path toward passive income, ensure that you’ve built a marketing plan that is sustainable. If you do, you’ll find yourself with a successful business that will last a lifetime.

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Sustainable Affiliate Strategies

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8 thoughts on “Win With A Sustainable Marketing Strategy”

  1. A refreshing unique approach to an affiliate marketing strategy. Sustainability is a long term goal for sure and one that most do not incorporate. I am a member of wealthy affiliate myself and when I first started I did not realize what an impact that goal would have on my business. Actually wasnt even on my radar at first. Sustainability and focus on the customer. Once I made the switch and started focusing on the consumer everything else fell into place. Thank you for your insights on this valuable sustainable goal.

    • Hi Cathy! Thank you for your insight. You are so right – focus on the customer, learn the resources in WA, and we’ll have a sustainable business!

  2. Hi,

    This is a great article on Sustainable marketing . It is a new concepts in marketing and business . Sustainability as a business strategy is becoming increasingly appealing to managers , executives and business owners and more businesses and organizations are driving change and success with sustainable business . Thanks for sharing this fantastic article . 

  3. Thank you Tama for this great post, I find it really informative and highly helpful. I think you have really provided great insights into how to build a sustainable marketing strategy. I will follow this method sheepishly and I hope to achieve success. I will share this post with my friends.

  4. Nice post you have here! From the five strategies you mentioned that we are to consider to achieve a sustainable marketing plan, is to be be socially responsible and profitable. As for the affiliate marketing strategy, you recommended Wealthy Affiliates, I must confess that Wealthy Affiliates is a very good platform to learn this as i am few days old there and i am already learning so so much. Amongst the tons of niches which you mention to be popular online, i think its the “make money online” Niche that is the most popular maybe probably because most people that comes online wants to make money.(smiles) Thanks once again for this lovely post. I have bookmarked your page already.

    • Hi and welcome to Wealthy Affiliate! You are right- this is an excellent niche because we are researching and learning all we can to be successful. Good luck to you and your business!!

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